Bosch is security you can rely on.

Since 1886 the Bosch group has been providing technologies that combine innovation, quality and reliability. The company focuses on advancing technology which results in over 3800 patent applications per year.

Bosch Security Systems is an innovative, customer oriented global manufacturer and supplier of Security, Safety and Communications products, solutions and services.

Bosch Security Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor. With the product business Bosch provides global support for consultants, system integrators, installers, wholesalers and OEMs. This is backed up with fast deliveries, extensive training and customer support.

Products Highlight

Video Surveillance Systems

    Bosch’s Autodome modular camera system is revolutionary new concept in dome cameras. More than just a series of camera, it’s a dome platform built around a system of intelligent, interchangeable modules that allow you to update camera functionality quickly and costeffectively.

    Using common components lets you install a basic camera system today and migrate to a more advanced version tomorrow - without having to replace the entire dome, thus protecting your initial invesment.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

    The Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors (ISC-BPP2) use two Fresnel lenses designed to produce sharply -focused images througout the field of view providing superior response to intruders. These lenses provide a high density (77 zone) 7-layer pattern, and the selectable lookdown lens provides an additional three lookdown zones. Easy installation and flexible mounting options provide state-of-the-art detection.

    The pet-friendly (-WP) generates alarm signals for human intruders withoutgenerating false alarm signals for pets.

Public Address & Voice Alarm

    A fully digital public address, voice evacuation system that meets all the requirement placed by profesionnal users. It brings highly innovative and advanced digital technology to the public address market.

    The processing and communication of both audio signals and control date entirely in the digital domaitn makes the system superiorto other public address and emergency sound systems.

Door Access Systems

    Access Easy Controller (AEC) is a new generation access controller that uniquely combines the features of a web server and security system functionally’s into one complete unit using a 32-bit microprocessor.

    Any computer, regardless of operating system and hardware platform, that runs a standard web browser program. e.g Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox, can now be used to access, monitor, manage and control any AEC which in turn controls the door, access readers, alarm and other devices.

Fire Alarm Systems

Conference Systems

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