Clipsal is world famous as Australia’s number one brand of electrical accessories. A market leader in electrical accessories, data communications, industrial and home automation markets, the Clipsal name continues to grow from strength to strength.

These factories create employment for over 1,500 people Australia wide.

In the export arena, Clipsal has met with great success and is now the number one brand throughout Asia. In late 2003, the Clipsal brand joined Schneider Electric. With the backing of the world’s biggest electrical company, Clipsal is now poised to be a major player in global markets and aims to be the number one electrical product brand name in the world.

Products Highlight

Neo C-Metro

  • Large and horizontal dolly for easy installation.
  • Built-in LED or fluorescence as an orientation indicator.
  • Cross-type structural support to provide extra rigidity to flush plate.
  • Polycarbonate finishes for durable use and much safer.

C-Cosmo Mega

  • Large dolly switches for easy operation.
  • Specially designedt to match interior decor with simple and clean look.
  • Polycarbonate finishes for durable use and much safer.


  • Remove switch surrounds.
  • The surrounds are available in a vast array of colours and textures.
  • Cleverly hidden mounting screw.
  • Convinient multi-gang capability.


  • Made of high impact resistant polycarbonate components.
  • Multi gang capability.
  • Specially designed screw caps that conceal all mouting screws.

ULTI : The Ultimate Switch

  • ULTI gives you the freedom to create your own lighting at the touch of a button, letting you change lighting scenes for every ambience and every event. From dinner parties to executive meetings, you control the scene.


  • A slim, trim profile, pleasing to eye, clean and refined, the C-Vivace is a switch and socket set that perfectly complements the modern lifestyle. Inspired by the simple, elegant minimalism of the supremely influential Bauhuas movement, every piece in this robustly constructed range expresses a pleasing form following function. Unmarred by visible fastenings, the sleek clean lines of C-Vivace present a cool refined touch of style to almostany interior.


  • Switch designs are limited by many factors, primary the switch mechanism. The patent-pending “impress” (iso-motion-press) mechanism ensures the switch dolly remains stationary when it is “on” or “off”, and at the same time occupying a much smaller footprint. Freedom in design has much smaller footprint. Freedom in design has become a reality. Enabled by impress. Mechanism, ZENcelo makes the future flatter than you ever imagined.

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