SOCOMEC is an independent industrial group, specialising in the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical energy for industry and the service sector. Founded in 1922, the company bases its development on two complementary industrial divisions:

Solutions for Control & Power:

switches, fuse switches, changeover switches, Atys switches, cutout switches, electronic monitoring and protection (Diris ,Countis), enclosures, cabinets, etc.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems:

inverters, load transfer modules, rectifier/chargers, harmonic compensators, 400 Hz converters, etc. SOCOMEC is a leader and specialist in its markets.

Products Highlight


  • Load Break Switches and Change-Over Switches
  • 3 frames sizes : 630 A to 4000 A
  • Available in 16A to 4000A
  • 3 and 4 poles.
  • Comply with IEC 60947-2
  • Easy installaion.


  • Automatic Change-Over Switches
  • 3 frames sizes : 630 A to 4000 A
  • 3 and 4 poles
  • Comply with IEC 60947-2
  • Easy installation


  • Main incoming devices for industrial, residential, and commercial building.
  • Highly dynamic thermal stability.
  • High short circuit currents with reliable power distribution.
  • Available in 630A to 4000A in three frame sizes.
  • Breaking capacity of 55kA, 65kA, 80kA, and 100kA.


  • From 20 to 240Kva
  • Rapidly deplyoing cost-effective, energy-efficient data centres.
  • Dynamic power infrastructure able to closely align power capacity required by ICT businesses.
  • Fully modular architecture based on power and battery modules.
  • Fast deployment with repeatable hot plugable and hot swap modules.


Diris A

  • Reduce operating cost.
  • Reduce production cost.
  • Optimise maintenance cost.
  • Improve efficiency of your facility.
  • Comply with IEC 60947-2

Diris N

  • For LV Network
  • Multi measurement (3U, 3V, 3I, In, SP, SQ, SS, SFP and F)
  • Max 4I and SP
  • +kWh and +kvarh metering
  • THD 3U, 3V, and 3I integrated up to row 51
  • 1 impulse, alarm or command output
  • Version with JBUS/MODBUS RS485 serial port
  • Internal Temperature Sensor

For more details about Socomec's products, you can visit Socomec website.